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Profession information evening

30 March 2023

What do you want to be later on? Can an orthodontist also be a dentist? Does a teacher stand in front of the class all day? What exactly does an accountant do? Is crowdfunding a profession? Beroepenavond, organised by Rotary Club Nijmegen-Stad en Land in cooperation with secondary school deans, lets you ask these questions to professionals.

You can meet four different professionals and compare their professions. Get a better idea of their work and discuss new insights with parents, mentor or dean. Explore further to find the right education for your interests. Take steps towards your future!

Peter talks about his profession "Web designer/Online marketing".

Profession information evening

Presentation done at

Beroepenavond op Citadel College

30 maart 2023
Nijmegen, Nederland
Peter Martin
Joomla Linux Specialist

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