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Joomla Jenga: "Don't break my site"
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Joomla Jenga: "Don't break my site"

13 November 2019

How far can you go to disable functionality in a Joomla website before the site no longer functions properly?

Peter plays a game with the participants using a standard Joomla 3.9.13 website, containing standard example content. Each participant in turn will decide what can be changed in the website, but WITHOUT breaking the website. The one who remains the longest, is the winner.

The purpose of this session is to get to know Joomla in a different way.

Joomla Jenga: "Don't break my site"

Presentation done at

Joomla User Group Arnhem, Nijmegen

14 November 2019
Nijmegen, Netherlands
Joomla Linux Specialist

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