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LangChain - an introduction

12 December 2023

How to connect applications to Large Language Models to use AI? Using LangChain!

At Linux Nijmegen I did several presentations on AI chatbots that use LLMs: ChatGPT, Alpaca 7B, PrivateGPT. But what if you want to use LLMs with your own applications? Since October 2023 you can use LangChain to  do that.

LangChain is a framework for developing applications using Large Language Models (LLM). It is a revolutionary framework that significantly simplifies application development using LLMs. Think of creating your own advanced chatbots, document analysis, summaries and even analysing computer code.

I talked about LangChain and its applications. We looked at an excellent code example "LangChain in 13 Minutes".

Code: (To get the code working on my computer, I had to install some additional Python modules. I submitted a PR to install those extra requirements)

LangChain - an introduction
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