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How IT works

13 September 2014

Information Technology is an integral part of our daily life. Have you ever wondered what happens under the hood when you visit a webpage? Or what OOP actually means?

In this presentation, Peter explains common concepts like Operating System, Internet, Server, Website, Object Oriented Programming, Joomla in plain English:

  1. Computer
  2. Operating System
  3. Local Area Network (LAN)
  4. Internet (Wide Area Network (WAN))
  5. Server
  6. Email
  7. WWW & HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  8. Website & PHP/MySQL
  9. Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  10. Joomla
How IT works

Presentation done at

Joomladay France 2015

10 May 2015
Nice, France

Joomladay UK 2014

5 October 2014
Ascot, United Kingdom

Joomladay Deutschland 2014

13 September 2014
Cologne, Germany
Joomla Linux Specialist

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