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Joomla 5.2

01 June 2024

Every six months a new Joomla version is released ensuring that the platform remains advanced and secure. These updates are managed by Joomla Release Managers. To distribute the workload, Joomla appoints two release managers for each cycle.

For any release manager, the release cycle starts about 8-9 months before the main release date. This implementation period is crucial for the construction process, which represents the majority of their work. During these months, the release managers plan and supervise the process of developing and testing new features to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Once the major construction phase is completed and the new version is visible, the focus shifts to maintenance. Bug fixes are released every six weeks to resolve any issues, keeping the platform stable and reliable. Security releases are released as necessary to protect against vulnerabilities and protect user safety. This structured approach ensures that Joomla remains a robust and reliable content management system.

The release managers for Joomla 5.2, scheduled for October 2024, are Marc Dechèvre and Peter Martin . In this presentation they talk about their role as Release Manager, about the new functionality in Joomla 5.2 and how everyone can help in different ways with the new Joomla 5.2.

Joomla 5.2

Presentation done at

Joomladagen 2024

1 juni 2024
Tilburg, Nederland
Joomla Linux Specialist

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