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The Making of The Best Website

09 December 2020

In September 2020, Peter Martin got an idea to create a new website: - a website about what makes a website a good website. And what you can do to improve your own website. Two months later Peter launched his new website, a Joomla multilingual website with five languages and every language under its own top level domain:

In this presentation Peter will tell you about the idea and show you how he has built his website.

Presentation done at

Joomla User Group Utrecht

13 September 2021

Joomla User Group London

15 June 2021
Online, UK

Joomla User Group Arnhem/Nijmegen

12 May 2021

Joomladay USA

24 April 2021
Online, USA

Joomla User Group Eindhoven

1 March 2021

Joomla User Group Maastricht

22 February 2021

Linux User Group Nijmegen

19 January 2021

Joomla User Group Rotterdam

18 January 2021

JUG Online D-A-CH

4 January 2021
Online, Germany

Joomlashack Conference 2020

9 December 2020
Online, USA
Joomla Linux Specialist

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