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YOOtheme PRO

07 December 2022

YOOtheme Pro is a Template, Page Builder, View Builder, Layout Snippet Library and Image Optimiser in one.

Peter Martin was never a fan of standard template club templates: because of the many JavaScript, CSS and font files, performance is often poor. And Page Builders? He managed to avoid those as much as possible. They make your website far too complicated. And formatting each page individually is more like working with "FrontPage 98" than with an advanced CMS like Joomla.

In early 2020, he helped a client with YOOtheme Pro and was positively surprised. YOOtheme Pro supports dynamic content: you can now create 1 page layout and apply it to all articles from a certain category. In addition, the speed was very good: with a little tweaking, you can score 4 x 100% in a Lighthouse test!

Recently, Peter Martin has built several websites for clients using YOOtheme Pro. His own websites like and now also work with it.

YOOtheme Pro - part 1: Basics and Builder

 In this presentation with demo:

  • Global overview
  • The Page Builder
  • YOOtheme Layout Snippet library
  • Designs for Desktop/Mobile
  • Layout
  • Dynamic Content (Introduction)

YOOtheme Pro - part 2: Dynamic Content

  • Dynamic Content
  • Templates
  • Conditional display
  • Multilingual websites (Introduction)


YOOtheme PRO

Presentation done at

Joomla User Group Arnhem-Nijmegen

7 December 2022
Joomla Linux Specialist

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