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Alpaca 7b - Large Language Model

11 April 2023

In early March 2023, a team of researchers at Stanford University created their own "Alpaca 7b" Large Language Model for USD 600 that can be used by AI Chatbots. They used:

  • an open-source Language Model called LLaMA 7B
  • rented for 500 USD ChatGPT-3's API to generate 52,000 sample conversations
  • rented for 100 USD capacity on Cloud servers (3 hours on eight A100 NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs) to train the LLaMA model using those generated conversations.

Peter shows how to install and use the "Alpaca 7b" Language Model on your own computer. And then as a bonus, a slightly newer and more powerful Large Language Model called GPT4ALL.

Alpaca 7b - Large Language Model
Peter Martin
Joomla Linux Specialist

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